ADC LTD NM (ADCL) is a leading provider of physical security, pre-employment screening, and security clearance background investigations and adjudication services for Federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. We have a long history of providing a broad range of security-related services, and our personnel investigation capabilities are unparalleled in the industry.



ADCL can support Federal and state agencies and commercial firms beyond routine pre-employment and background investigations. We have access to an established team of over 1,300 trained and experienced Associate Investigators, (AI), strategically located throughout the United States. Our contract investigators, most of whom are former Federal Agents hold agency credentials. We are available to assist Federal agencies and commercial firms with complete personnel security background and suitability investigations, pre-employment checks, and personnel security adjudication services for Federal clearances required for work in Classified areas.

Furthermore, as you will see on our services page, we have extensive experience providing armed and unarmed security guard and security escort services to government facilities and commercial firms. No private or governmental organization has more demanding criteria for applicant security clearances than the United States Department of Defense, (DoD), especially in a post 9-11 world. And since 1997, two major DoD intelligence agencies have contracted extensively with ADCL to meet these needs; in fact, we currently provide all employee background checking/security clearance investigations for one of these agencies. Whether you are a private company or a federal, state or local government agency, you need a support services contractor with which you can build a productive and lasting relationship; one that not only meets your requirements today, but is ready to meet whatever needs you might have in the future. No other company is better prepared to support your facility and personnel risk assessment and mitigation needs than ADCL.



ADC LTD NM began as Cordova Support Services, Limited, which was founded by Arthur D. Cordova in 1985 to provide a variety of support services to Federal and State agencies, Native American tribes, and private sector firms. In 2008, Cordova Support Services, Limited became ADC LTD NM, which is the name by which we’re known today. ADCL continued to establish itself as an exceptionally valued supplier to United States government agencies; we have subsequently been awarded numerous Federal contracts with ever-expanding roles and responsibilities. In the first ten years of our history, we supported numerous divisions within the Department of Energy, (DOE), and provided a variety of administrative, technical, clerical, data entry, and security-related services to clients such as the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA), and Federal Transit Administration, National Labor Relations Board, the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture, the Social Security Administration, (SSA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (under a subcontract with AlliedSignal Technical Services Corp). More recently, we have successfully carried out contracts with two major Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, follow-on security contracts with the FAA, and new contracts with the New Mexico General Services Administration, Department of Labor, Human Services Department, and General Services Administration. ADCL has extensive experience in the areas of personnel security investigations and analysis, government contract and performance auditing, program management analysis, computer science/EDP development and support, and a wide variety of personnel and physical security services.



The following are examples of the wide variety of services we have provided: